Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Tactical command operation in border guard organizations

The command operation itself always precedes the border police planning and decision making process. It is outlined here only schematically:


To make the contents of the planning and decision-making process and all other orders of the responsible operations commander for all the forces understandable, a special "tactical border police language" has been developed. This is clearly defined, always the same and does not allow false interpretations.

Border Guards works with "General measures", "tactical measures" and "tactical fundamental concepts".

The general measures Intelligence, Cooperation, Prevention and Investigation are described in detail in other chapters.

Tactical measures represent police action that generally eliminates an external influence and is associated with the problems of the affected party.

All the tactical measures have been listed, with which the Border Patrol can always manage all the border police situations.

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