Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Management and operational resources / Police equipment

The equipment with Police equipment must adapt to the state of the art technology task-oriented.

In the planning, selection and procurement particular personal, organizational and financial effects and aspects of occupational health and safety at work must be taken into account. The users must participate always.

Within the procurement of Police equipment the compatibility with existing Police equipment must be kept in mind; this applies equally to inter-regional operations and cooperation. Instead of purchase, alternative forms of procurement, such as rent, lease must be checked.

The constant availability of Police equipment must be guaranteed. The operating capability is ensured through provisions for maintenance.

For operations, IT-supported Police equipment should be recorded searchable according to standard criteria.

For reasons of safe operation and economic efficiency, in the "General Organizational Structure" and "special organizational structure" identical use of Police equipment should be found. Police equipment, which were mainly procured from measures on special occasions, should - provided that tactical operational needs or special arrangements do not oppose - be used in the "General workflow organization."

Possible applications of Police equipment must be given in education and training.

Forces must command the necessary Police equipment necessary for their work field. Senior executives must be aware of the Police equipment to be introduced.

As long as it is necessary, special Police equipment have to be kept secret.

Police equipment for covered approach should be, if necessary replaced with other organizational units.

Through organizational measures the abuse and loss of Police equipment must be opposed.

The goal is the development of practical measures of legal, tactical, methodical, personnel and other forms that are important for the investigative and educational work and thus contribute to a successful fight against crime.

The Intelligence Analysis has developed in recent years in the border police from simple frequency counts (statistics) and data matching to a variety of evaluation devices.

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