Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Operation conception

At focal points targeted measures are taken as planned including preventive and repressive approaches, if necessary separated according to short-term, medium-term and long-term effect.

In addition operation concepts must be developed, which consider

• personal, material and financial resources

• other police duties

• tasks and activities of other authorities and bodies

• impact on the general public

to a reasonable extent.

The interplay of preventive and repressive measures must be taken into account in the planning and the tactical implementation phase; a merger of measures has to be targeted.

An operation design can be created in any planning phase if necessary. It illustrates the inter-linked effects, explains the decisions and intentions, serves as the streamlined, summarized presentation of the planning and decision process and can be structured as follows:

• Significant aspects of the assessment of the situation and the decision possibilities resulting from it,

• Decision, if necessary with a brief explanation,

• Personnel and technical requirements and consequences of the implementation of the decision,

• Presentation and if necessary, justification of the organizational structure including individual orders of the operation sections and their inter-related effects.

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