Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach


The decision allows the management bodies to create commands, facilitates the management of directive control and serves as an orientation for the emergency forces in carrying out their orders.

The decision is to be taken after emphasizing the pros and cons of the decision possibilities. Only for imperative reasons, the decision taken can be changed. In the decision the operation determining factors are defined concisely. It normally divides into guidelines, as long as these are necessary, tactical objectives, tactical measures and significant technical / organizational measures.

As long as particular or predefined guidelines are necessary, they should confirm the decision.

In tactical objectives the content and extent of the state strived for is represented.

The tactical measures can be supplemented by information particularly with regard to

• special organizational structure

• emergency forces, organizational units

• temporal sequences

• area of operation

• points of focus

• type of cooperation

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