Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Assessment of the situation

The assessment of the situation includes the selection, analysis, linking and evaluation of relevant location fields including their changing effects and possible consequences of border police actions, taking into account the role of border control, predetermined policies and guidelines.

The choice of location fields is dependent on the type of the event and the importance of individual location fields for the event; depending on order and function of the assessor,

• various location fields may be of interest

• other weightings may be necessary

• different aspects may gain importance

From the merger and evaluation of relevant location fields, focal points may be recognized particularly with regard to

• Conflict structures

• Risks

• Disorders

• Offences and their manifestations

• Causes

• Victims and suspects

• Times

• Localities

The result of the assessment of the situation can lead to different decision possibilities.

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