Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach


Border police duties require organizational structures that enable the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff and the use of resources as well as smooth cooperation.

Organizational units at different hierarchical levels with comparable tasks should be structured according to the same principles.

The flexibility of the organization is determined in particular by

• Depth and width of structure

• Decentralized task performance

• Delegation of tasks, responsibilities and expertise

• Using variety of personnel

The process organizations of "General structural organization" and "Special structural organizations" should correspond for both the performance of tasks in daily service and the managing of situations arising under specific circumstances: particularly for senior management, this requirement applies with regard to structural organization.

With predictable and large independently working organizational units, one can react quickly and flexibly to changing focal points.

Cross-sectional tasks should be summarized in central organizational units.

The police organization must adapt to the requirements through organizational development.

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