Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach


Duties resulting from law. They include in particular

• Preventing threats, including risk prevention and preventative measures against crimes and other offences.

• Persecution of criminal offenses and other violations

The Border Guard has to ensure public safety or order and the security of the border primarily through preventive measures; they should take initiatives for this purpose.

If it is necessary to decide the priority within the task performance; basically the averting of danger approaches the criminal prosecution.

The Border Guard should use research results which are important to them in their performing of tasks; they should participate in research projects and initiate them if necessary.

The police task performance in particular also has to be oriented towards to particular policies, guidelines and tactics.

Political strategies or border police decision-makers are necessary for the development of border protection; they provide orientation for completing the tasks.

Political guidelines or border police decision makers act as action orientation and have basic binding effect.

Basically, valid general guidelines are taken into consideration with regard to

• Intervention thresholds

• Observance of the de-escalation commandment

• Setting Priorities

• Degree of transparency in police tactics.

• Occurrence and appearance of the Border Guard.

The tactic is also determined by the role of Border Guard, strategies and guidelines. It is determined by set of executives depending on the situation and implemented in interaction with forces and the use of management and use of resources.

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