Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Senior management

Executive management bears the responsibility for their organizational unit within their competence.

The Border Police Commander assumes - especially in the "Special organizational structure" - the overall responsibility for managing the situation and making the fundamental decisions.

In order to complete their tasks, the executive management is consulted and supported by the management bodies

• Senior management

• Management group

• Control center

Tasks of management bodies include in particular

• Contribution in the development of strategies and application concepts

• Planning and preparation for operations

• Raising, collecting, evaluating and controlling information

• Creating commands and special arrangements

• Connection establishment

• Situation display, situation report

• Taking part in the operational follow-up

In management bodies authorities can be delegated. Management bodies should be set up in the "general organizational structure" and be prepared for measures in particular situations. For senior management and management groups command posts have to be provided.

Management bodes have to ensure that

• they are informed about any current decisions.

• senior executives are accessible at anytime

It may be appropriate to integrate liaison forces in senior management or management groups and to drag on the liaison officers as well as consultants outside the police and special service.

Liaison forces or liaison officers have the following duties in particular:

• coordination of measures with the nominating bodies, - recording and holding connections as well as ensuring the

• information exchange to the nominating bodies,

• passing on decisions, requests and findings,

• attending briefings,

• consulting

Management bodies must be trained and educated in a target-oriented way.

Staff work is to be practiced regularly.

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