Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Area of Responsibility (AOR) – Problem of Border Guards?

The border guard as a general rule is only responsible for the border. It is not allowed to operate independently outside its jurisdiction. This means that the border guard only has the opportunity to access a current illegal border crossing during a part of the main offense phase.

This is usually not enough to prevent illegal border crossings. It is especially not possible to nip the upcoming illegal border crossings in the bud.

This is the indeed the issue here. It is not just about catching suspects in illegal border crossings. It is about learning from the crimes committed already in order to prevent crimes in the future. And this in turn means that the border forces must have access to all three offence phases.


To achieve this, governments, countries, institutions and agencies have come together to act together on the path to cooperation in Europe and other places.

The system of Integrated Border Management resulted from this!

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