Border Security


Introduction and Doctrine

Command, Control and Operations

Tactical Approach

Why is Integrated Border Management state of the art?

Integrated Border Management is state of the art because it combines all possible starting points of border protection in itself. Integrated Border Management has grown and has brought many amendment steps behind it. As part of this modernization, border protection authorities have changed from military to police facilities and technical means have been continuously developed further and tactics have been adjusted. Integrated Border Management focuses on flexibility and strength through unity. Furthermore, Integrated Border Management is a prime example of the interplay of technical and human performance.

The guarantees of the success of the Integrated Border Management are:

• Harmonized and simplified procedures without duplication of efforts

• Faster and improved sharing of information and by this

• Faster processing of people and goods

• More effective detection of border violators, terrorists and other criminals

• Faster response to emergencies and threats

• More effective use of resources

• Better border management overview for the government

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